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Lose weight for a healthier, longer life.

Satisfied Clients

Training with DSF has literally changed my life. I feel great and can see the results in the mirror. When I came to DSF I was of 110kg and in approx. 9 months I lost around 40kg now I have a muscular physique and planning to work more on my body to become like my ideal DIGVIJAY SINGH.

Arpit Chaudhary
Lost 40 KGs of Weight


Opinions made by our Clients

Ready to lose fat?

Digvijay Singh Fitness is dedicated to revolutionizing personal training by merging real science with tailored, top-notch training. Our focus is on delivering outstanding results through our fat loss programs. With years of experience in both performing and coaching at different gyms and professional levels, we have gained valuable insights into maximizing performance. We are committed to debunking myths and trends in the industry that often lead to less-than-ideal outcomes.

Initial assessments

For me, it’s crucial to create a training program that’s safe and really works. First, we’ll do a functional movement assessment to find any weak spots that could hold you back. Then, we’ll look at your nutrition and body composition to make a personalized plan just for you. So even when you’re not with your trainer, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Just look at Saba’s incredible results after finishing his 12-week fat loss program with us at Digvijay Singh Fitness!

Do your best

I’ll give you everything you need to totally change your body: a top-notch training plan, the best nutrition plan, and personal training that’s first-class. But here’s the deal: if you really want the amazing results our fat loss program offers, it’s up to you to put in the hard work and stay determined. If you give it your all, you’ll reach your goals and learn how to keep your body functional and healthy for the long haul.


Client transformations

I WIll make practical and healthy adjustments, ensuring you can keep up your results for good. Your success means everything to me.

It's more than just personal training—it's a whole lot more! 😊

If you’re tired of feeling uneasy in your body and unsure about what to eat or how to exercise, Online Coaching is your answer. Let me guide you toward a life filled with manageable healthy habits and a workout routine you’ll enjoy.